Friday, February 4, 2011

Back to school

Good mid morning,

Well this is just the most beautiful day. Not only is the sun shining but the kids are back in school. I believe they have been out of school more than they have been in school since Christmas break.

Another day of just a smidge of information, nothing I hope to overwhelming.

Speaking of schools, the Amish run one room school houses and stop their education at the grade of 8? What an odd concept for us to reflect on. But they feel as though they have reached all the formal education they need by 8th grade.

The schools are run by teachers who are usually just a couple years older than their 8th grade students. They have not had any further education beyond 8th grade. They earn on average 25.00 a day.

The school has an all male school board usually consisting of 3 to 5 members.

Amish men are responsible for the heavy upkeep of the school. The Amish school does not accept any type of local or government funds to run their schools. Each school usually has 25 to 35 scholars.

The Amish school concentrates more on cooperation than competition. Their school year usually begins around September 1 and ends May 1. Their day begins around 9 am and ends around 3 pm. They are referred to as scholars instead of students. They are taught Reading, writing, arithmetic, spelling and English. Other subjects taught are geography,history,penmanship, health, German writing and reading and singing. Scholars usually do not receive homework due to all the chores they have to complete once they are home.

Each school has an outhouse for toilets, and hand pumped water. Each scholar is also to bring his/her own lunch.

For the Amish it is about learning the basics and being able to function, where would they perform on MAP testing and no child left behind? Amazingly enough the Amish seem to be surviving and growing just fine without all the pressures of making their children perform to someone elses standards? Is there something we can learn from this? 

Word of the day:  bensel-which means silly child.

Recipe of the day: Chicken Corn Soup

Happy Eating! Until tomorrow.

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